Sunday, June 27, 2010

Boothbay Harbor

One of our first stops was Boothbay Harbor.  The morning weather was clearing and provided some great sunlight and warmth.  In the search for lunch, we went across the bay from the business district and were able to find a nice place, right on the water.  Lobsters and clams fresh off the boats were available.  And the location had its own observation deck (outdoor dining area) and dock.  In the bay were a number of boats - looked like the fleet was in.  If this was a Monday morning, when does the fleet go out?  Anyway the sight of a full bay of boats in various sizes was fairly impressive.

1/160 f/18
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 120 mm (180 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cape Neddick (Nubble) Lighthouse

This is the Nubble lighthouse, the first lighthouse stop on our trip.  There is no direct access to the building as it is on land separated by about 50 feet of water.  That makes this an interesting sight.  The weather was beautiful.  While we were there, a Miata car group show up - with around 20 cars of all different colors.  there were lots of other tourists and small gift shop.  (And like all first gift shops, it was tough to not buy the place out.  Pace yourself......)

1/200 f/14
Aperture Priority
ISO 200  EV -1.0
Focal length 46 mm (69 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set

Monday, June 21, 2010

New England Shipyard

While driving through Rockland - I passed this site twice.  I didn't know if it would turn out but finally stopped to get this.  To me, this is just awesome!  Reds, greens, blues - it is all there.  The sky has a lot of definition.  The background is just right.  The subject is just what I thought of all the time I was planning the trip.  The size is going to be a challenge - I'm not used to 'tall' objects.  I'll still be able to jam this into a frame.

1/125 f/11
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 42 mm (63 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Owls Head Coast

The New England Trip put me in environments that I was not used to - that is the first few stop on Sunday were really crappy.  But as I am getting used to saying - everyone has photos on nice days......
This is the part of the coast around Owls Head.  (The lighthouse is going under massive maintenance - so there won't be a photo in the near future...)  Going to the lighthouse you can not drive up to it - there is a short walk involved.  And on that day - it was a wet walk.  I was trying to figure out how to carry the camera under a raincoat that wasn't bought two sizes too big.  (The answer is to not use the front zipper - just use the Velcro.)  Anyway on the way back, along the road were a few short - 10 to 15 feet - paths to overlooking the coastline.  there were a few of these observation points and even on a questionable weather day - it really had a beauty of its own.

1/160 f/3.8
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 25 mm (37 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lobster Traps on Dock

One of the first places where we stopped was a working area in Porpoise Cove.  Like most places on coves, there were a number of lobster boats and thus a few traps on the dock.  The traps and buoys are all very colorful.  Docks, or any wood built structures respond well to the processing.  Tough to tell, but the Goat Island Light is in the background.

1/250 f/10
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 27 mm (40 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lobster Shack

Since the New England trip was planned, this is one shot I was looking for.  Looking for what I thought would be a 'typical lobster shack'.  Not sure if this is typical - never saw another one like this, but I like what I see here.  Lots of colors!  Each of these buoys belongs to a specific fisherman - it is how lobster lines are tracked.

1/125 f/14
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 100 mm (150 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set

Sunday, June 13, 2010

York, ME Coast

First photo of many to come from the NE trip.  Our first stop was the town of York and the is the left side of the bay.  What took me by surprise - and why I don't know - is the difference in the shore characteristics between Maine and Michigan.  The Michigan shores for the most part are smooth in a gradual transition.  This Maine coast is not smooth at all.

1/400 f/10
Aperture Priority  EV -0.7
ISO 200
Focal length 78 mm (117 mm for 35mm film)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lobster Cloud

Back from the New England Tour.  A great time was had by all.  Although the primary reason for going was to attend the graduation of a niece, the travel included to not so direct routes from Michigan to Maine and back.  Lots of East Coast Lighthouses and general sight-seeing got in the way of a timely arrival in Augusta (missed the graduation dinner - but did get there in time for the award ceremony!) and a quick return.
So to open the subject of the New England Trip - I put up this.  We did a Whale Watching cruise and while out on the Atlantic - I saw this cloud formation.  It is the lobster - a great sign!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

H/D Doggie

This is a fun shot.  As part of the visit to Frankenmuth Balloon Fest - there was also a Doggie show in the area.  Doggie lovers everywhere.  Lots of breeds of Dogs - including the Harley Davidson breed.  This little guy was tooling around the shops like he owned the place.  He could have been elected mayor - he always had a crowd!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Harbor City Light - Fog Bound

As much as I'd like to take credit for some of the effects here, I can't take much.  On the thumb trip a few weekends ago when the weather was quite warm for Michigan in May, there was fog on the lakes - even into the afternoon.  The light itself is some distance off the shore and this is about as close as you can get without some sort of floating device.  This is with the zoom at max (270 mm).

1/1250 f/7.1
Shutter Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 270 mm (405 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set