Monday, August 30, 2010

Bunny and Plant

This little fella showed up one day and promptly made camp under the shed in the yard.  Generally speaking, we don't have a rampant rabbit problem and really don't want to have one, but this one is so cute.  I spent two days following him/her (I didn't get that close.) around the house - like I pester the kids.

1/60 f/5.6
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 65 mm (97 mm for 35mm film)


Well, been away for a while - almost 6 weeks.  Been a great summer so far.  (And truth be told, was burning out a bit...)
Newsletter from photo club showed up yesterday and I sort of got snapped back!  
Not that I took a great number of photos over the past few weeks, but have had lots of ideas.  I'm also viewing scenery as it would appear through my eyes - or after I applied my take on it.
I hung a number of photos in the house.  I'm trying Qimage for a photo print application.  I'm not that disappointed in Elements, but I've read where the algorithms used to blow up photos is different.  I won't say better, but different.  And different is good.