Saturday, January 24, 2015

Drummond Island Sunset

This is a photo taken from Drummond Island looking toward Detour Village.  

This is a good example that defines what HDR will do for an image.  In the original RAW image, the direct sunlight fools the camera optics.  Much of the photo is darker, especially the visible side of the cabin overhang and support on the right.

1/160 f/11
Aperture Priority
ISO 400
Focal Length 27mm
Focal Length (35mm) 40 mm

Software Updates

I upgraded my Elements from 10 to 13 and Perfect Photo Suite from 8 to 9.

I do like the PPS software.  Problem is I grew up on the Elements and it is a fall back when all else fails.  And Elements still will not process 16 bit.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

St. Joseph Light from Pier

In the summer, I've been out to the light.  All the way out.  In the winter?  Probably not.  But I could get out about half way from the shore.  It was very icy - but walkable.  (Note to self, get the cleats you can put on your shoes and keep them in the truck.)  There were some brave souls who made the walk - I just saw a lot of cold water at the end of the slide.

But I could get out close enough to the ice that had formed on the walkway structure.  The ice is certainly fun to photograph.

1/640 f/6.3
ISO 200
Focal Length 150mm
Focal Length (35mm) 225 mm

St. Joseph Light - January 2015

On all my previous trips to St. Joseph (all 2 of them), both lights were either iced or ice free.  This time - I really lucked out with half and half.  My favorite features are the definitions in the ice - and the structure colors of the rear light.  I'd like a bit more red in the building but much more than this really begins to look over saturated.  One of the interesting quirks of shooting around snow, is the camera gets fooled by the extra light - and the image comes out a bit darker.  And for me, that's OK.

1/640 f/6.3
ISO 200
Focal Length 150mm
Focal Length (35mm) 225 mm

Sunday, January 18, 2015

St. Joseph South Light in Winter

I had to spend a week in Chicago for work this month.  As I'm not liking flying much anymore, driving to Chicago is very doable being around four hours to make the trip.  Driving to Chicago takes me past some of the lower Lake Michigan lighthouses.  One of my favorite locations is the St. Joseph lights.  This light is very distinctive and in winter can have a whole new personality.

This is a picture of the south navigation aid to the St. Joseph channel.  I really like the ice formations.  This photo was taken around noon.  And it wasn't that dark.  I like the final contrast change between the sky and the snow/ice.  One of the other nice features is the broken ice in the channel.  To me - screen saver quality!

1/640 f/6.3
ISO 200
Focal Length 170mm

Focal Length (35mm) 255 mm

Belle Isle Fishing Pier - Revisited

This has been an interesting journey.  In December of 2013 I was contacted by a local author who found my image of the Belle Isle Fishing pier interesting and wanted to use it on the over of his next book.  The page he found is: Here

The author who contacted me was Kevin Garrity from HammerHandle Press.  The book he was working on was titled Unclaimed Persons.  The book was centered in Detroit but had some connection to Belle Isle.  He went looking - and found my image.

We had some conversations for usage of the photo.  No monies were exchanged - but jacket cred was a must!  Everyone got what they wanted!

The book signing was on November 22, 2014.  Here is me with the Author.

Fun Experience.