Sunday, January 18, 2015

St. Joseph South Light in Winter

I had to spend a week in Chicago for work this month.  As I'm not liking flying much anymore, driving to Chicago is very doable being around four hours to make the trip.  Driving to Chicago takes me past some of the lower Lake Michigan lighthouses.  One of my favorite locations is the St. Joseph lights.  This light is very distinctive and in winter can have a whole new personality.

This is a picture of the south navigation aid to the St. Joseph channel.  I really like the ice formations.  This photo was taken around noon.  And it wasn't that dark.  I like the final contrast change between the sky and the snow/ice.  One of the other nice features is the broken ice in the channel.  To me - screen saver quality!

1/640 f/6.3
ISO 200
Focal Length 170mm

Focal Length (35mm) 255 mm

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