Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rockland Breakwater Light

This is the Rockland Breakwater light in Maine.  The sky doesn't tell half the story - it was a miserable day.  This product is a combination of two photos.  In each shot, there is a person who was just strolling around.  Sometimes people add to the shot - but in this case it did not.  Elements has a function that will allow the combining of shots and selective removal of areas.  The location of the person was on the walkway in the middle of the shot.  In one shot, he was in front of the door at the top of the stairs and in the second shot he was on the far right of the walkway - just past the building.  Neat trick.  Instead of waiting for the 'perfect' shot, just took multiple shots.  As far as trying to 'clone' or blur, the door at the top of the stairs would have been very difficult to reconstruct.

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