Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Church Cove in Winter

On my walk around Flint last week, I passed this interesting sight.  This is one of the entrances to the St. Paul's Episcopal Church on Saginaw St.
I know from past experiences that cut stone and wood will produce some wonderful effects with HDR processing.  I also know snow is a crap shoot with HDR.  I like darker looks with the way I'm going to go after this - but I know the snow will not play well.  It will be very noisy.  I don't want pure white snow as it will look out of place.  I'll think of something.

The basics of the shot are:  50mm  ISO 200  Manual Mode

The base shot:

Exposure :  1/80 at f/11

The under:

Exposure :  1/640 at f/11

The over:

Exposure :  1/10 at f/11

I processes these three photos through Photomatix.  The effect I came up with looked like this.

I really like the door and the stone - but as expected the snow doesn't favor me at all.  I'd like to keep some of the detail, but lighten it up significantly.  I tried to lighten the snow just by targeting the snow areas, but wasn't crazy about how that turned out.  My next trick was to make a print solely for the snow - and try to blend it in with the use of masking.  This is the photo effect that I chose - only for the snow.

I masked out everything but the snow and used an opacity setting of 50%.  That lightened up the snow - pretty much as I wanted.

And so here is the final product, with one other tweak.  I removed a small blue sign that was attached to the gate.

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