Thursday, October 1, 2015

C5 - 90014 Project

This is the C5 aircraft currently on display at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, DE.  While I don't know for sure I ever flew on this aircraft, being I have over 3,000 flight hours out of Dover it is a safe assumption I flew on it at least once.

A little history about 69-0014:  In October of 1974, this aircraft dropped a 86,000 lb Minuteman ICBM rocket as a test - over the Pacific ocean.  The rocket dropped, fired and flew.  Not saying that the test brought about the SALT implementation - but not saying it didn't either.

As far as learning from the photography I take this away.  This is the first time I've used a stitch to shoot for real size and not just to take out the camera distortion of a wide angle shot.  Next time I have the opportunity to shoot something this big again, I will move parallel to the subject while shooting.  The software is good at this, but I think I can help it out a bit.

This photo is my next 'project'.  This is a stitch of 13 photographs using Elements.  This is the largest object I've tried to blend into one image.  There are multiple options for stitching and I ran each of the six possibilities.  I have chosen to go with the Cylindrical option.  The aircraft does have a design illusion from behind the wing to the tail.  From this angle, it is not straight and that would be correct.  The nose from the wing forward does appear to droop a bit.  I can live with it.

But with this proof test, at least I know it will stitch will work.

Next step - stitch the RAW images together and see what happens.

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