Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Barn Art on Rt 30

I had the chance to drive Rt 30 from Breezewood to Ligonier in Pennsylvania.  Along the way, I passed this barn with some fantastic art painted on the sides.  Just another reason to not take the turnpike.
The day was really crappy.  Low Clouds.  Flat Light.  Photographer's dream.
First I really liked the scene, not your normal Mail Pouch Tobacco barn art.  
So here is the original image:

1/640   f/5.6
EV -1.0
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal Length 18mm
Focal Length (35 mm) 27 mm

First, I wanted to get ride of the eye distractions, most notably the power line, the light on the side of the barn and the lightning rod on the top of the structure.  Usually small objects cause problems with tone compression which is amplified by a halo.  I used simple erasers to remove the objects.  
Image with the objects removed:

I put this image through Photomatix to work on the tone mapping.  Added my favorite touches, and this was the image:

OK - so now I have the base of what I see in this.  At this point, I could be finished but I like a little more detail and sharpness in my photos.  The barn wood and stone really have some potential to be unique.  And the sky really needs some help.   I will use On One's products to really pull out those details.  
This is starting to come around and I like what I see.

Before I'm done, I'm not real happy with some of the angles.  I used Elements to correct level the barn beam between the stone and wood.  I also corrected a bit for camera distortion but straightening the left and right edges of the barn.  It won't be perfect, but it will be better.

And put my backing and signature block on it - and final product.

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