Sunday, September 6, 2015

B17 Cockpit

This project was fun.  
This is a photo of the B-17G cockpit.  As with most shots with very high contrast, either the low light or the high light comes in - but not both.  This is a blend of the interior and a stock sky photo.
Many firsts went into this photo.  
One first was I used the Pen and Tablet for about 50% of the entire process.  I used it for all the detail work.  Still used the mouse to do a lot of the navigation work.
Another first is I used On One's perfect Suite 9.5 for all of the intermediary work.  I don't want to say that laying in the sky was easy - but it was however time consuming.
I like the way it turned out - however it is not contest worthy at this point.  The daylight washing the interior doesn't really mesh up with the area around the windows.  Not sure if I would either wash out the sky or darken the area around the windows.  Something for another day.

1/100   f/9
Aperture Priority
ISO 400
Focal Length 18mm
Focal Length (27mm) 123 mm

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