Monday, September 21, 2015

Grass Snowmobile Races - In September

A local organization sponsored a grass snowmobile race in my local area.  I know a number of people who enjoy being out doors, going 70 mph in sub-zero weather who do just fine without my company.  But this looked like fun for them as well, although to be sure, there wasn't much 2-stroke gas exhaust odor.  Smelled a bit more high octane,
But this event was great from a photographic exercise as well.  As noted in a precious post, I tried many different settings.  I was trying to picture how the photos would look.  After taking some at very high speed to get clear images.  But those images didn't show the speed that was involved.   So - I slowed the image down as much as I could.  (With a little more time, I would have sped it up just a bit - but this was a good learning experience.)
Here is the original photo.

1/60   f/20
EV -0.7
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal Length 62mm
Focal Length (35 mm) 93 mm

I've seen other images with this 'colder' look and it is interesting.  There are a lot if issues with the treeline I might try to clean up if this shot were to go to any competition.  It has possibilities.

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