Sunday, November 29, 2015

Step Water Falls - Lesson Learned

With my late summer interest in waterfalls - I had great vision how this would turn out.  In the end, I need to go back.
But  not to lose the photo - or a learning opportunity - I decided to see what the difference is between a 1 shot HDR effect and a 3 shot HDR involving the motion of water.
I like to have the option with the water movement.  The shot was set up on the slow side.  Tripod for sure.
This is the basic shot.

1/30   f/22
EV 0.0
Aperture Priority
ISO 200

Focal Length 32 mm

For the associated HDR bracket, I use EV values of +2 and -2.

Going back and doing it over again, I'd go with a faster speed.  There are no DOF issues or concerns.  Lesson learned - and a reason to go back.

This a composite of the 1 and 3 shots.

And so if I were going to work on a shot for this, I might go in this direction.  I'd use the single shot.  I'd try to pull out some of the greens and sharpen it up a bit.

I think the better plan would be to shoot with a higher speed, and let the 3 image merger get the effect of the moving water.

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