Monday, December 7, 2015

Photomatix Pro Manage Pre-sets

A very good friend of mine suggested I invest some time in finding and using Photomatix presets.  He's been using Photomatix for a number of years and he'd found the ones that came with the application sort of cramped his style.  I immediately downloaded the set he suggested.  And it all worked out.  For a while.  Then the machine crashed.
Photomatix makes it very easy to load presets.  What they don't do is make it easy to manage or delete any of the presets that are loaded.
I loaded some presets on the new PC - and found the naming convention was not to my liking.  That's right, the naming convention irritated me.  And that's not a way to stay on the new machine.
Google deleting presets in Photomatix - good luck.
It took some digging, but the presets are loaded into a hidden directory.  But once you are in the directory, any adds/deletes/changes are real time.
(And this is for Winders - Mac users can drift off now.)
First you must show hidden files and directories in your view.  The directory path is C:\Users\(Your Name Here)\AppData\Roaming\HDRsoft\PhotomatixPro\Presets\
The AppData folder is hidden by default.
If you do download presets - which you should - you can manage effectively in this directory.

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