Saturday, January 9, 2016

Classes at Flint Farmer's Market

Today was the first of a three lesson plan with the Flint Farmer's Market, puton by the local photo club in Flint - of which I am a member.  And because I like to hear myself talk, I led the first class.

This class was focused on the technical part of a DLSR - not so much any technique.  The thought was that many people want to take more 'artsy' photographs, get a DLSR and then become overwhelmed with all the controls.  Well, you want to take control of the image or else you'd use your phone.  So the point of the class was to walk through the most common features of a DLSR and get people to use any mode other than AUTO.

It was a good class, we had 12 paid attendees - and hope to get a few to see what our club is about.  My target was to yak for 45 minutes.  I missed that.  I was yakking for close to 1:20!  The audience was great.

There was great club participation in a few showed up to help with the questions period after the lesson where we could take some one on one time with the attendees for specific questions about the camera they brought in.

All in all - good day for me.  I had fun.  And no one threw any tomatoes.

Will be very interested in the next classes!  (I set the bar high for them.)

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