Thursday, February 25, 2016

Our Snow Storm in less than 3 minutes.

Every time I get challenged to do something photography related by one of my well-meaning, but sadistic and psychotic friends, I feel bad because I'm not up to the challenge.  (Feel like I'm breaking a chain letter.) You know, the snap a photo a day of a smurf in warmer weather then where you are Kurt - and for sure pass along the challenge to someone else crowd.
Well - that's just not me.  (Sorry, don't unfriend me.)

Here's my answer to the challenges - by my rules.

I purchased a digital remote release, non-Nikon.  This thing can do time lapse.  And what a better time to try this out than during a snow storm.

My first attempt at time lapse.  There are some interesting things here, at least to me.  First, there is a brief section where the snow really builds up quickly.  Next, I really like the transition from daylight to night and back.  

Sure, it could be a little more exciting, but hey - it's my first try.  

This is a shot every 10 minutes for about 26 hours.  The original effort was a shot every 5 minutes, but that was really slow........  (And to my Canon friends, yes a Nikon has a big enough buffer to handle a JPG shot every 5 minutes.....)

I used Lightroom Slideshow to put this together.

And I promise not to challenge my friends to create a time lapse movie every day for the next six says!  (Although, I wonder what the Cape Lego crowd will do with this?)


  1. I've done time lapse with my GoPro but the battery only lasts 90 minutes. Soo Locks and Fourth of July parade were fun

    1. I have new digital timer remote release. It is by NEEWER. Instructions aren't very good, but figured it out on about 5 minutes and three test runs. It is fun and i have some other ideas now,

    2. Oh, Oh....a challenge..........