Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Pig is Big! Charlie's BBQ Mascot

I had a wonderful time this morning at the Flint Farmer's Market.  The photo club to which I am a member spent some time this morning promoting our next photo class at the market.  We set up a table, displayed some interesting photo related items and would chat with the passers by.  Great way to spend part of a Saturday.
Last month when we did this same promotion we had a slide show on a monitor as a way to get people to come over and chat with us.  This month, to be different, I thought we could hook people to come over if we had a monitor displaying some of the post processing tricks we do.

The monitor was off to the left.  You get the idea.
We had a pretty good time.  We looked at creating custom camera profiles, HDR processing and tricks to remove objects.
For all the subjects, we used photos from the market taken that morning.
Close to us was Charlie's BBQ stand - which by the way did a huge business.  Well, Charlie has a small mascot.  I thought it would be neat do capture an image.  I had the camera set up for HDR - so I snapped up three shots.  This is the base photo.

Now that is a pig ready for some winter activities.
So I snapped off my three shots and processed the image.  I came up with an image I like and put it on the monitor for a while.  Well, the good folks at Charlies saw it, came over and wanted to buy the image.  Well, I certainly was not going to go for cash, but would trade for some cred.  So I told my fellow club members we had some Club Cred coming our way and well things got out of hand from there.  It wasn't enough that we would 'donate' a picture, but we now have the resources mobilized to get a canvas print going.  Fantastic!
So this week's project is to get the Pig on Canvas.  This is the image we will put on the canvas.

Spare me the criticism about the halo effect.  Sandra (Mrs. Charlie) liked it as is.  And that is enough for me.  The mascot has been with them for over 20 years.  It is a pleasure to give them the Winter 2016 version.

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