Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DMRCC: Loading Station

As I go through the shots from the DMRRC, I'm finding that four photos that are going to make the cut for extra work and display.  The Hollywoods Station was a real sleeper until I started playing with it.  The Zehaufer Mill was certainly fun to play with and did turn out better than I thought it would.  The fourth shot is the only shot from a tripod, looking up the side of a mountain straight into some florescent lights.  Yep - that needs a lot of work.  I need a crappy Saturday for that one.
Which leaves the third shot - the Loading Station.  From the time I first went on the scouting mission to the DMRRC, I had visions of this one and doing something really good with it.  
This started as a nine photo stack.  I did the fake HDR trick, using five images one stop apart.  This is what I came up with:

That is some piece of work.
Before I can even get to the effects, there is so much to do.  There is a level issue that needs to be corrected.  The unfinished structure needs to be covered.  I thought about trying to make it look like a bridge, but if you're going to alter it, just do it.  And the lights.
All that stuff is doable.  And done.

When I'm editing, I usually keep all the edit changes in case I want to work a tweak at a later time.  Like the Egyptians killing the slaves when the pyramids were completed - I killed the files.  There will be no tweaks.

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