Sunday, April 10, 2016

DMRRC - Hollywoods Station

Thank goodness it was and still is a crappy weekend, relating to the weather.  I had a lot to do with the photos from the DMRRC shoot on Thursday night.
First I had to go through all the photos, 180 of them.  I needed to separate the photos into groups for stacking.  In the end, I wound up with 23 groups - which means a total of 23 possible finished products.  I found two sets that were technically OK, but not as interesting as I thought they'd be.  I will have 21 good photos to play with and I think that's OK for first effort with stacking and miniature subjects.
My workflow is also changing.  I made the official move to using Photoshop, upgrading from Elements.  There's a bit of a learning curve there - but lots of YouTube videos.  (How did the caveman ever get along with out the 'net?)  Once I got that installed on the PC and laptop, I need to re-install On One and Photomatix to get all the plug-ins connected.  Did I mention it was crappy outside and that's a good thing today?
As to Hollywoods Station....
This photo is from the front of the railroad display.  In the background is a very cool mural, which is where the Hollywoods name comes from.  There are some very interesting colors here, so I'm wondering anyway why is this shot in B&W?  As i went through proofing these photos the monochrome really works for me with the railroads.  It is just me.

For this and most of my other shots, I put the camera right on the ground, with a bean bag supporting the lens.  I set the camera at F8 for the entire shoot.  I also set the ISO at 100.  I was going to be using some form of support all shoot, so a high speed wasn't necessary.

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