Saturday, April 30, 2016

DMRRC: Bullpen

I previously mentioned I had a total of 22 shots of which maybe 18 were OK and there were four really good ones.  I'm really down to one really good one (Loading Station) and maybe four second tier ones.  We'll see.  A lot of times playing with an image does something unique which will catch me by surprise.
This photo was one I called Bullpen.  Baseball analogy.  These trains are waiting to be called into action.  The Bullpen is located under the main platform and there is no real scenery around.  The light also stinks.  At the time, I could have made
some better environmental choices.  The subject is there for sure.  There are some great colors on these units.  But coulda, woulda, shoulda.  Next time.  But what I have here I can work with.
This is a seven stack shot.  Should have been 14 to 15.  If you know what to look for, there are small areas that are not as sharp as they should be.  Again, I learned something.
This is a great lesson for shooting RAW.  The original images are very dark.  Because I shot in RAW, I could bring out more light and colors.
This is the initial image after the stacking process and sending it through Photomatix to give it some color, just at the Default setting.

Again, there is a bean bag involved.  A lesson here is I should have taken more time in setting up the bean bag to gain elevation.  Yet another lesson.  But for stacking purposes, this is a great effect.  Even at f22 - I'm guessing you wouldn't get the focus in the track you get with the stacking.  And might be good experiment for the next visit.
The next question would be to the DMRRC would be, do you like this background?  They might like this, where I think it needs help.
So the plan is going to be mask out the area above the trains, and merge with the Hollywoods mural from previous shots.
I did the masking work in On One.

I won't show the Hollywoods mural again, it can be seen in the previous posts.
I tried many effects, but most took away from the yellows that I didn't like.  This would be a good photograph to play with specific colors - yet another rainy day project.  I also decided to go away from my usual 5x7 format.  I changed to a 3.5x7 format for this one.  Just too much track in the foreground for me.
So the final image for me comes to this.

I like this shot a lot.  It's growing on me.  But the real question is, would the DMRRC like this version, or the original?  Bet they'd take the original.

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