Monday, May 2, 2016

DMRRC: Cabooses (?)

What is the plural for two caboose?  Guess what, if you Google the term, there are plenty of opinions with no definitive answers.  Ah, the world of Wikipedia.
Looking for more of the photos from the DMRRC to work.  And looking for something I don't have to mask in a sky or fill in a person.  My eyes need a break!
I like this shot for the textures and colors of the cabooses (?) and the water tower.  To be sure, I enhanced it a bit  with some HDR effects and sharpening.
This is a five shot stack.  Not a lot of distance from the front point to the back wall of rock.  I didn't find too many out of focus spots in this one.
This is the stacked shot.

The trick for me is to pull out some real definition from the background rocks and the cabeeses (?).  I also need a crop job, remove the right side of the water tower and some of the tracks in the foreground.  It also looks like it is not level to me.  I put a grid on it and the cabeese (?) roofs and the vertical supports on the water tower are where they should be.
And this is what we wind up with.

Mission accomplished.  Good definition in just about everything.  Still looks tilted.

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