Sunday, May 15, 2016

DMRRC: Waiting at the Station

With all the photos I've done at the DMRRC, I'm now experimenting more with processing.   I've very comfortable with Photoshop - except when it comes to masking.  Hands down, On One is much easier.   Realistically, I can't say On One is better because I'm struggling with Photoshop in that area.
So, last night's efforts I pretty much cropped out any area I needed to mask.  (Cluck - Cluck)
This is eight shot photostack.  I probably should had made smaller increments on this, that is take more shots.  As I was looking at the photo really close up, I could see areas that were out of focus, if ever so slight.  Think of going to the TV store, seeing the HD TV surrounded by the newer Ultra HD units.  You can tell what doesn't belong.
After the stacking process - this is what I have to start.

Lots of track in the foreground and at the top of the ridge, I'd need to put in some form of sky.  Plain ridge lines are easy to mask, but this one has some trees which takes time to separate.  Clearly this screams to go lazy and get more creative with the crop.
As with previous shots, I really like playing with grounds and trees.  The rocks in the rail bed have so much potential.  The cut rock and trees have so many options.  The power plant building has such great detail.  (Need to go back for more...)
I can focus on the left side of the image, removing the top area above the ridge and removing some of the track in the foreground.
I'll add some HDR effect, because that's what I do.

Its a little on the dark side.  If I do much more with this, I'd start by upping the light a bit first.  But for now, I like this.

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