Sunday, May 8, 2016

DMRRC: Three Lights

In this photo, the train engines were not my initial focus.  Of course, I still wanted to do them justice.  But as I worked on this, I wanted to really bring out the rock colors and formations.
This is a seven shot stack.  I didn't need to do too much more, rally at the rock face that's all.

I don't know what the blue map on the left is.  It looks like something for the layout.  Another lesson learned - scope out your entire field.  Way too much to remove.
To crop this in a meaningful way, I'll lose the engine on the right.  The ridge on the upper right will have to go as well.  It's not bad, but the size is just enough to distract the eye.
For the rocks I added some tone or HDR effects to pullout some definition and split the colors.  I also removed some of the structure to the right of the small building.  The cropping will cut out most - and at that point it doesn't add to the photo.  I used the clone stamp to do the removal.

I really like the surprising effect on the loader building.  It is somewhat darker, but the soot marking in the center really come out.
As to the rock, I like what has happened.  Doesn't look to overdone.

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