Friday, March 19, 2010

March Photo Club Competition - Recap

Had a good showing for the Club Competition last night. 
My Chairlift in Fall and Rt 381 took Honors in the MANIPULATED category.  More important to that, this is the correct category for this type of work.  Lots of great discussion on this on how the photos were made.
In the OPEN category, Sailboat Row took Honors.  Lots of nice comments on this one.  (BTW - I ordered a 11x14 of this and it arrived today.  Going frame shopping in a few!)  The Kadena Fisherman had a lot of nice comments on the subject value - but technically it just isn't up to standard.  (Hey - it was taken in 1981 or 1982 and scanned.)  But the positive feedback on the subject value was well worth the submission.
In the SUBJECT category, REFLECTIONS, my Ligonier Lake did not do well.  There were some positive comments about the sky and the reflection off the water - but there just isn't any ZING to it.  I don't have any issues with the scoring on this one.
But the best story of the night could be viewed as a big disappointment.  But it wasn't.  I had high hopes for the Bird on a Rope in the NATURE category.  It did not score well, but I got the best feedback on a photo that made sense to me.  This is the photo I submitted:

There were three point that were made to me on this.  First, the subject off set by just a bit was good.  Second, the bottom rope was viewed as a distraction and probably would have done better without it.  And last, the sky is also taking away from the subject.  So a better crop job would have helped.
So all in all a great night.  Really happy the GRUNGE work was appreciated - and really happy with the feedback from the rest of the club on the rest.

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