Monday, March 15, 2010

March Photo Club Competition

This month's club photo competition subject is REFLECTIONS.  There are lots of possibilities for this - but I usually only think of one.  Reflections of trees in water.  As I've researched the subject I see there are more possibilities and I'll have to stock up for next year.  (Assumption is they don't kick me out!)  I'll be entering my Lake Ligonier photo in this category.  For my club photo I didn't push the colors as much and it actually looks like a photo.
For the OPEN category, I'm going to enter the KADENA FISHERMAN and SAILBOAT ROW.  The fisherman shot is a scanned photo from the 80's.  Sailboat Row is from Mackinaw City a few weeks ago.  You can't go too wrong in this category.
I'm going to submit my BIRD ON A ROPE photo in the NATURE category.  I think by far it is my best bird photo and it is time to see what other enthusiasts think.  The problem is, the bird is on a rope.  Some of the Club members think that nothing man-made can be in the shot - therefore the rope would be out of bounds.  In a club document, the nature category photos have a number of constrains as to what can be done to the photo.  As to human elements, the documents says this, "Human elements shall not be present, except on the rare occasion where those elements enhance the nature story. However when present, the human elements should be included only to minimum extent in completing the story".  To me, the rope is irrelevant.  We'll see what the club thinks.
I'm also going to take the chance that some of my GRUNGE work will make the MANIPULATED category.  I'm going to submit the CHAIRLIFT IN FALL and RT 381 photos.  The Club documents referenced earlier states that "This category is for a digital image that has had 'objects' removed, added, moved or extremely distorted...".  I think we can all agree that the GRUNGE work is distorted.  The questions then centers around defining the term EXTREMELY.
So we'll find out the lines in the categories are drawn.

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