Monday, May 31, 2010

Day Balloon

This is from the Balloon Fest.  Prior to the balloon races, a few balloons set to flight with meeting organizers and VIPs.  This was interesting as they departed is a semi-orderly fashion.  But the real fun was to watch the balloons go from storage bag to the conventional shape with which we are familiar.  There were about ten of these that left over a 30 minute period - so you could watch them for some time.
On the technical photo front, this was a doozie!  Even with the blue sky and no real haze at the time, I was still getting a burn with conventional settings.  ISO was as low as i could get at 200.  Had a polarizer on.  And for the final touch, I had a -1 EV.  The original shot was quite dark - but no burns or blown highlights.  As I've always said before, If it is under exposed a bit - I can save it.  In the end, it is one of the best colored skies I've been able to capture - almost into the sun........

1/1600 f/7.1
Aperture Priority  (Exposure -1.0)
ISO 200
Focal length 23 mm (34 mm for 35mm film)

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