Monday, May 31, 2010

Night Balloon

This is a continuation of the Balloon Fest in Frankenmuth.   This is the evening balloon glow.  About 15 of the balloons 'fire up' at the end of the day to give this spectacular show.  There are a few count-downs to having all the pilots hit the gas at the same time and when they do it is quite memorable.  There are always one or two who don't get the message - and the balloon in the center here is one of them.  Still - quite a show.
Up to this point, I have not done much with night photography.  This was a real challenge.  In the 35 mm days, I would have to to wait to see how to set up the camera when the photos were returned.  Although it was quick timing, I could take plenty of test shots so when the full glow happened, I had better than an even chance to get a good shot.  I was trying to stay away from the higher ISO settings - above 800.  The D90 seemed to handle this at ISO 640 and upping the EV by 1.  I also learned at night to shoot with Shutter Priority.  (That little nugget would have taken months in the 35mm days...)

1/60 f/3.5
Shutter Priority  (EV +1)
ISO 640
Focal length 18 mm (27 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set

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