Sunday, May 23, 2010

Port Sanilac Docks in the Fog

Took a little roadtrip (9 Hours) today.  Started in Port Huron where I was treated to an interesting bit or river navigation by the freighter Cuyahoga.  The freighter was downbound - did a 180 in the middle of the river, right in front of the observation station.  Adding to the effect was a layer of fog all along the river.  With the sun out.
The next stop was Port Sanilc.  I've never looked for the lighthouse there and today was the perfect day.  On arrival, the area was covered in fog.  Very interesting effect.  To see the lighthouse, the best view is to walk out on a pier.  But again, the fog.  So, didn't see the lighthouse, but did get close to the some of the boats at the dock.
In the original shot, there is much more fog.  My processing seems to have 'lifted' the fog and the result is a much cleared vision of the boats.  Still, the color of the water is interesting and the windows on the center boat are visible.  Very interesting.

1/250 f/10
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 18 mm (27 mm for 35mm film)
Photo set

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