Friday, April 23, 2010

April Club Competition Results

Back to the friendly confines of my own club.  4 of my 5 entries were voted HONORs.  That means at least three other people thought they were better than average.  The SPLASH photo did not make the HONORs - and that is on my work PC for the background.  (Connect the dots here, that means I like it the best!)  There was lots of good discussion around the grunge versions of the Grand Haven Lights and the Point Betsie Lighthouse.  I have a photo of two ducks in the surf taken a few weeks ago on the West Coast of Michigan weekend that did well.  (That's why I don't judge yet - don't' understand that one.)  
This month's subject was READ ENDs.  There were a few shots of the back side of some buildings in Flint that had some very unique paint jobs - bordering graffiti.  There were two really good shots.  One was the back of a building with the fire escape stairs and some A/C units that was real interesting.  The paint job on the back of the building was very patchwork.  The second one I liked was the back of an old building with more pronounced artistry.  The shot had a lot of potential - I think the colors needed to jump out more.  (Of course I would say that - that is what I do!)
So it was a good meeting.

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