Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs

I found out that the Flint Lensmen Camera Club is part of a larger group of camera clubs, the Southwestern Michigan Council of Camera Clubs.  It looks like a collection of 15 camera clubs in the lower Michigan area.
This weekend they are having a photo contest.
I've submitted 10 photos in the contest.  There are three categories that I have entries for, OPEN, NATURE  and CREATIVE.
Open Category:
Ligonier Gazebo:  The photo for me that will not quit!  We'll see if it scores better with a larger audience.
Splash/Crash:  I have very high hopes for this one.  This will go in the local club competition this week.
Barn in Snow:  This gets lots of comments.  Let's see what a larger crowd will see.
Sailboat Row:  I like this one a lot.  it may not score well, but this is hanging in the house.
Nature Category:

Bird on a Rope:  One of my first good close ups.  I've taken the positive feedback from the club to frame this better.
Gulls on Piling:  This is a good shot that is made better by cropping,  this is also going the local club competition next week.
Creative Category:
Rt 381:  Grunge effect of a road through a canopy of fall leaves.
Chairlift in Fall:  Grunge effect of a chairlift through trees in fall.
Crisp Point:  Grunge effect on a shot of the Crisp Point Lighthouse with rotted dock in foreground.
Grand haven Light:  Grunge effect on a shot of the Grand Haven Light with the sun in the clouds.So I'll go out this Saturday, meet some now folks and see some great photos.

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