Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun Project

This is a fun project I'm working on.  I set the camera to shoot at a speed of 3.5 frames a second and this is what I got.  I may need to bump it up a bit - the transition between the fourth and fifth image is not the same as the others.  But for a first effort, it has potential.  I need to work on a background and have some solid ideas.  One of the issues I ran into is that the camera and or memory card will only transfer so much data at speed.  I shoot with a large JPG format (Large + Fine) and RAW that the shots often overrun the cards ability to write.  It would write fast enough to lock up the camera.  So I bought a faster card.  $$$ could solve everything.  So even if I bumped up the speed of the frames, I may not be able to complete the cycle.  So next time I go out and try this, I'll have a faster card.  I also may drop the RAW aspect.  In these shots, I set the camera for ISO 800, Speed priority to 1/1000 and manually set the WB to cloudy.  Colors on the subject came out just right.  I tried to get some batting shots, but the picture was always too crowded - you couldn't tell who the subject was.  I have time to work that angle.

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