Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shut Out......

While I did not expect to have all my entries be appreciated, I did not expect that none of them would make the ACCEPTED round of the SWMCC spring competition.  I'm not bitter.  Much.
This competition is much different than the club competition.  There are percentages involved here.  Under half will make will make the ACCEPTED round.
I could see that a lot of my shots as submitted did not focus enough on a single subject.  There were very few 'landscape' shots that were judged well.  So as a lesson, I guess very few competition shots come straight out of a camera.  There must be some cropping.  Technically, I thought my shots were on par with most - although I did see some real stunners.
As far as subjects go, these judges seem to like small critters.  There was not one shot of a tree frog that failed to advance.  (And the fact that the person who took all the tree frog shots was present at the judging and was giving a demo on how to shoot tree frogs I'm sure had nothing to do with it.  Seriously....)  Other bugs did very well as well.  I don't do bugs.
My HDR (and ALL others) did not do well either.  I heard some nice comments on my Rt 381 shot - but not from the judges.  There were some HDR shots that were fantastic - but even in the creative category the judges panned them all.
As I've said before - judging is a thankless task.  I'm sure they didn't start out, have some sort of secret signal that identified me, to pan my work.  Just worked out that way.

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