Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Arthur M Anderson

Yesterday was just a great looking day.  After work, did a quick trip to Port Huron to get this shot.  I saw that the Arthur M Anderson was upbound entering the St. Clair River around 3:00 PM.  Plenty of time for me to get into a picture position.  Trouble with shooting freighters is they are so larger, if you get the whole vessel in the shot -evrything is small and un-interesting.  So here is the Pilot House.
Of all the freighters on the Lakes, this is the prize capture for me.  (I wouldn't have driven a hour for one ship for any other ship.)  The reason to me is the history of this ship with its relation the the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.  The history is fascinating - as it is brave.
On this shot, I departed from my usual method of trying to get the greatest depth of field - and go for speed.  In this case it worked.  DOF is not much of a concern here.  I wanted more speed due to the long focal length. It worked well here.  The original is very sharp.  Even with a sharp shot, when you blend shots as in my workflow, some of the sharpness is lost.  You can get some if it back with post processing - but not like the original.  If i was going to do something more professional with this shot, I might some serious decisions to make as to what path I'd take.

1/800 f/6.3
Aperture Priority
ISO 200
Focal length 155 mm (232 mm for 35mm film)

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  1. Cool shot and interesting story!

    You're really getting vibrant colors. I'm jealous!