Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Club Competition

Tomorrow night is the April Club Competition.  Not to be deterred by the St. John's showing - I am looking forward to this.  (I am relatively certain I will not see a tree frog.)
In the Manipulated category, I will be entering the Point Betsie Lighthouse and the Grunge version of the Grand Haven Light.  I like both photos.  The Point Betsie shot is one you have to double take to verify that it is not a straight photo.  And the Grunge version of the Grand haven light is so different with the bright red of the structure and the sun in the clouds.  to me, just plain awesome.  (The St. John's judges had no room the for the Grand Haven light - let's see how the local club views it!)
In the Nature category, I have a photo of two ducks that was taken on the West (Michigan) Coast weekend.  The tow of them were on the beach, just out of reach of the surf.  If they were closer to each other, I could really get a good subject shot.  The colors and patterns of the two are really good.
In the Open category, I am submitting the Splash photo and the multiple gulls on a river piling.  The Splash photo is a favorite - also I know what I had to do to get that shot so that adds.  The light through the wave is really interesting to me.  I doubt it will be mild interest - either really like it or see it like the St. John's judges did.  The gulls on a river piling was taken last summer in during a trip to North Carolina.  I cropped a lot out of this one and it turns out OK - if you like Gull photos.
This month's subject is "Rear Ends".  Earlier in the month, I just couldn't put together any good ideas for this one.  Now that I think about it - there are lots of opportunities.  We should be getting the subject list for next year soon - so I should not get caught like this again.

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