Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gull in Flight

If anyone would have told me that I'd enjoy taking photos of birds as a subject years ago - I would have dismissed the thought.  Entirely.  
The flight of the birds is so quick. What are the chances I'd be able to get a shot like this - in focus.  There is a lot cropped out on this - but the point is for a 'swing and shoot', it turned out OK.  
I took a few hour trip to Port Huron for some freighter watching and as a bonus the critters were out.  Lots of ducks and gulls.  And there were a few river vessels.  This by far is the best bird photo I've ever taken.  My workflow brought out the sky - and look under the wing.  That is slick!  
My trip to Port Huron was to play with shooting at higher speeds by boosting the ISO.  As a child of 35mm cameras, I never really ventured out of the ISO range of 100 to 400.   And since I've been in DSLR - never out of 100 for the D80 and 200 for theD90.  (Both are minimum settings)  So jumping to 400 for the day was a big thing for me.  I've read that in the Nikon I can go to 800 without much noise - so we'll have to see.
If this goes to club competition I'll smooth out the sky a bit - but other than that it is good to go.

1/1600 f/11
Aperture Priority
ISO 400
Focal length 120 mm (180 mm for 35mm film)

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